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I just purchased a brand new (insert company here) computer and… Can you help?

Please contact the vendor, manufacture or “company” that your system was purchased from for technical support. Part of the money you spent was to pay for technical help when you need it. Use it while you can.

Information on “who” or “how” to contact them is in the owners/operations manual that came with your new PC or hardware. I do not have access to that information in a timely fashion.

The PC vendor or “brand” that your computer is has access too much more resources to solve your technical issue than I do. They know the in’s and out’s of their PC’s much better than I do since I make my own. They also have access to “known issues” with “how” they implemented particular hardware configurations.

Even if I did diagnose your hardware issue, you would still need to contact them directly to get it “resolved.” It would be much more timely if you started with them, first.

Do not be surprised if they cannot fix your problem as it is very difficult to troubleshoot from a remote location.

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