Black Viper
Black Viper
Aug 101999

I have also found out that Rage of Mages 2 went Gold. I added a Monolith Patches Page [link removed] to the site. I am also still waiting for my Web Server to support FP2000 server.

Aug 051999

I have checked up once again on the status of Westwood Studios highly anticipated game Tiberian Sun! Looks to me that it FINALLY went Gold and is expecting to ship on the 27th. A LAN Party [link removed] is scheduled for the occasion and I will hopefully have everything working, like the Forum and Guest Book, by then.

Jul 111999

I wandered over to a co-workers house to put another LAN Party [link removed] in the history books yesterday. 6 People and 12 hours later, Lake L.A.ntastic [link removed] came to a close. I took some snap shots and they will be posted over at the LAN Party Page [link removed] as soon as I can get them developed. Maybe it will not take ma as long as it took to post the New House pictures [link removed] , but don’t hold your breath. 🙂 I have also received many [Continue Reading]

Jul 051999

I added some stats to my Rage of Mages Page. I also added LucasArts to the Patches Index [link removed]. More to come, so keep that browser where it is! I have also am able to park my truck [link removed] in my garage now. The paint is fully cured. Looks like it is time to start tearing apart! Pictures of the ongoing event should be posted like the house [link removed] was, but not so often. It’s gunna take much cash to do things right.

Jun 091999

I have found out that Might and Magic 7 has been shipped. When it arrives in my hot little hands, I just may not drag myself away from the computer long enough to sleep. I spent over 100 hours on M&M 6, so I am greatly anticipating this installment. I did purchase MechWarrior 3 to hold off my withdrawals, but it just was not enough. Had to turn to Baulder’s Gate for the RPG fix.

Jun 051999

Well, I have updated My House [link removed] Photos Page with May 9th and May 13th. I still have to get the finished house pictures done, but they should be up soon. I updated the Rage of Mages Page. I updated the Powerslide Page [link removed]. I also checked out some more links to ensure they were all ok. More to come, so don’t go clicking to far away!

May 111999

Happy days are here! Quake 3 Arena Test is out! The download may be rather difficult to get due to high demand, but keep trying. Click Here to warp to the Official Q3 Arena Web Site. Current version is 1.05 as of today.

Apr 291999

Hi and thank you for visiting! I started up a New Rollcage Page [link removed]. I would like to have a contact list, Best Laps, and some cheat codes posted, but I do not know what location the High scores are located at.

Apr 251999

Hello and welcome to the News! After a great time at a Goatboys house playing Quake and Half-life for 12 hours, LANcaster 99 [link removed] comes to a close. Wow, some great times were had. I hope next time will even be bigger! The Kitty Pictures will have to wait until tomorrow. I do not have the energy to post them up now. On a brighter note, InterNIC billed me for the Web Site Domain Name, so I hope to be up and running on Monday.

Mar 071999

I just checked up on the Speed Running Demo’s [link removed] at PlanetQuake [link removed] to find out that Tangent has updated the page! Quite a few demo’s were released. Go check it out. I will have some more demo’s as soon as Reality relaxes its grasp. I have been trying really hard to make City1 @ :59, but it seems rather difficult. I tried ALL last night. To my disappointment, I was only able to make a 100.2. Just not good enough. I am not giving up, though!