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Oct 252010

I have used multiple monitors for as long as the option was available on add in graphics cards. As such, I have grown to not only enjoy, but really depend on information displayed in such a manor. However, for many years, Flash Video player has alluded my ultimate support because of one (big) issue for me: Full screen video. Sure, you can drag a browser window to the second monitor and hit “full screen” and it will display as such, but after clicking back to another window on the main [Continue Reading]

Oct 192010

Yesterday, I switched over this sub-domain to a dark theme in an effort to have the web site look similar across different sections (forum, wiki, etc.) I picked 4 dark forum color schemes for members to vote on as to which they would like to be chosen as the default (what guests and new members see). The winner will be announced and switched over to on December 1st, 2010. Additional details and your voting opportunity. How do I test? Members can change their theme in the forum profile section: Profile [Continue Reading]

Oct 122010

World of Warcraft Patch 4.0.1 was released today. Great, now I get to relearn playing the game that I have used for six years all over again. Thankfully, the changes that Blizzard makes are all in a positive direction and always make the game better. This also means that most, if not all, addons/modifications to the UI are magically invalid. Thankfully, I will be updating my mod list with the latest addons that I use as well as their current compatibility with the latest WoW version. With about 50% of [Continue Reading]

Oct 092010

If you were thinking of purchasing this game, please do yourself a favor and avoid the temptation. It is such an epic failure that I find it hard to put into words just how much I hate this game. I may put forth the effort in making a review, but it is doubtful that I will waste any more time then I already have on this game.

Sep 242010

Tonight is the IMCA Mountain Modified Challenge heats and qualifying mains to set the stage for tomorrows big race of the season (and the last one until next year). The gates open at 5PM and races start at 7PM at the Siskiyou Motor Speedway located in Yreka, CA. I will be yelling for Mark Wauge to win. Hope to see you in the grand stands!

Aug 262010

All of my Current News that I had on display is now converted over to my BvLOG and WordPress format. After 698 postings, it is time for a break. As a result of this change, it is even easier to keep in touch. I revived my Facebook profile, Facebook fan page and Twitter Account. They are also updated automatically from BvLOG. Hopefully, this will not spam you with random old posts, but this is sort of in a testing and learning phase for me, so forgive the dust while [Continue Reading]

Aug 252010

I was born and grew up in Corning, California. The interesting point I am working on getting to is statistics. 99% of all statistics are completely made up. Here is an example extracted from the article on Corning, California with bold text emphasis mine: As of the census[2] of 2000, there were 6,741 people, 2,422 households, and 1,642 families residing in the city. The population density was 2,320.3 people per square mile (894.4/kmĀ²). There were 2,614 housing units at an average density of 899.8/sq mi (346.8/kmĀ²). The racial makeup [Continue Reading]

Aug 232010

New website colors are back. These include Green and C-64. You can “choose the look” of by making your selection on any page from the left hand column. Enjoy!

Aug 232010

An interestingĀ discussionĀ on the Starcraft forums regarding AT (Arranged Teams) vs RT (Random Teams) is brewing. It seems that Blizzard does notĀ acknowledgeĀ the fact that AT VS RT is just plain wrong. Arranged Teams have a set stratagy out of the gate to defeat their opposition while RT’s have to figure it out on the fly. Usually, in the RT battles I have participated in, someone a few minutes into the battle will say “Plan?” with a reply resembling “Rush” with everyone ignoring that… and just doing their own thing. At the [Continue Reading]