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Poll: Website Color Scheme

Even though this poll indicates that the black background with white text is preferred by 64.5% of the voters, after 11 years, I decided to mix it up a bit and have "White" be the default color upon entering the site for the first time. You can still switch, however, back to black if you so desire in the upper left hand corner of every web page under "Choose the Look:" if Javascript is enabled for the domain.

I added the option of a "C-64" scheme that I pulled out of thin air. It has a large font base and seems to be pretty easy on the eyes as well as consistent throughout the site (if I changed everything correctly). One more that I added is a "Green" color. Check it out and give me your thoughts!

Either way, Login or Register to cast your vote: Black, White, C-64 or Green Web site colors… or something in between?

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