Black Viper
Black Viper
Mar 212011

I use  an APC UPS, more specifically, a Back-UPS BX1500G and two services are installed as software (PSPE) to control this piece of equipment on Windows 7 64-bit. This service takes care of testing and actually switching to battery power if needed and through my testing is required. Service Name: APC UPS Service Description: PowerChute Personal Edition service for managing battery backup power events Path to executable: “C:\Program Files (x86)\APC\APC PowerChute Personal Edition\mainserv.exe“ Startup type: Automatic (Started) The second service takes care of calculating energy usage and sending it to APC. [Continue Reading]

Mar 072011

The recent annoyance of random “Server 500” errors experienced by many visitors (including me) should be solved (or at least, minimized). After tweaking, modifying software parameters and basically running out of further options to customize, I had only one choice to fix things to my satisfaction. Ultimately, I had to, once again, upgrade my hosting account and throw more money at the problem to provide additional resources to accommodate demand. What was triggering the 500 errors was lack of memory and no amount of adjustments, caching and tweaking would meet [Continue Reading]

Mar 072011

Since, in recent history, I displayed quite a distaste for FF14, I thought I would post some good news for those gamers looking for a World of Warcraft alternative without having to relearn a game from scratch, as well as be forced to fight through silly game breaking bugs that 30 minutes of game play could have identified. RIFT was recently released and I thought I would give it a shot. Honestly, I was not expecting much as I have been disappointed greatly in the lack of quality game releases the last [Continue Reading]

Mar 072011

With the recent Chrome Beta version 10.0.648.127, I was having this nagging issue about the “bookmarks bar” appearing seemingly random and then going away. After a bit of observation, it looks like if you open a new tab, the bar would be there, then when clicking on a site link (say, on your “recent” home page thumbnail view), the bookmarks bar would disappear. This rapidly annoyed me, so I knew an option had to exist to stop that behaviour and it is in a strange (in my opinion) location (not in [Continue Reading]

Feb 232011

Windows 7 Service Pack 1 is released and I encourage everyone to update their systems now. You can do this by going to Control Panel > System and Security > Windows Update and check “Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (KB976932).

Feb 142011

A issue that has nagged me for many moons with Flash Player Videos is not being able to keep the video full screen on my second monitor while working on the primary monitor. Now, accoring to Adobe’s Flash Player 10.2 release notes, it is included by default, without having to modify DLL files. Download the latest release to activate this feature or update Chrome by going to the options and selecting “About Google Chrome” to update the browser automatically. Enjoy!

Feb 132011

A new poll posted: Should I shutdown my BBS/Forums? A (rather long) explanation why I am asking this question is at the link. Members can vote, guests can read it. I encourage all forum members to read (all) of it and give me their honest opinion. This question and Poll is only for the BBS and not the content found on the entire domain. My install guides, services guides and rants will continue to be maintained for the foreseeable future. I thank you in advance for your support. Comments here are [Continue Reading]

Feb 102011

Yousef Alahmad conducted an interview with me via email and asked some pretty good questions. Of course, I rambled like only BV can. He is also the author of the logo currently located on the home page. Check out the full interview for more!

Feb 062011

I modified several things throughout the domain. Mainly the following: The home page is now directed to WordPress, of which I will use to convert my old content over as time allows. The Forums/BBS no longer is a sub domain. Please update your bookmarks accordingly. The new URL is The Process and Service Wiki is no longer a sub domain. Please update your bookmarks accordingly. The new URL is I have put in long hours (days) to pull this off.

Jan 212011

Today also marks the day that my family pays DirecTV a pretty hefty sum of money, just to have one of my favorite Shows not be available to me, Fringe, that is outlined below in my previous post. DirecTV and Northwest Broadcasting are in a pissing match and took down my Local FOX channel KMVU channel 26. Granted, I am not a sports fan and really do not care if I see the Super Bowl or not, but after waiting weeks for Fringe to continue it’s most recent cliffhanger, I [Continue Reading]