New Poll Just Posted: Should I Shutdown the BBS?

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Feb 132011

A new poll posted:

Should I shutdown my BBS/Forums? A (rather long) explanation why I am asking this question is at the link. Members can vote, guests can read it. I encourage all forum members to read (all) of it and give me their honest opinion. This question and Poll is only for the BBS and not the content found on the entire domain. My install guides, services guides and rants will continue to be maintained for the foreseeable future.

I thank you in advance for your support.

Comments here are disabled. Please respond on the forums.

Feb 062011

I modified several things throughout the domain. Mainly the following:

  • The home page is now directed to WordPress, of which I will use to convert my old content over as time allows.
  • The Forums/BBS no longer is a sub domain. Please update your bookmarks accordingly. The new URL is
  • The Process and Service Wiki is no longer a sub domain. Please update your bookmarks accordingly. The new URL is

I have put in long hours (days) to pull this off.

Jan 212011

Today also marks the day that my family pays DirecTV a pretty hefty sum of money, just to have one of my favorite Shows not be available to me, Fringe, that is outlined below in my previous post.

DirecTV and Northwest Broadcasting are in a pissing match and took down my Local FOX channel KMVU channel 26. Granted, I am not a sports fan and really do not care if I see the Super Bowl or not, but after waiting weeks for Fringe to continue it’s most recent cliffhanger, I am ticked off big time. Oh, but I could give DirecTV even more money for the LA HD FOX, but isn’t that just what they want?!? We my take our $85 a month and go elsewhere. After all, I can watch Fringe one day later on for nothing but the cost of an internet connection or even wait until it hits BluRay on NetFlix. DirecTV: You are not the only game in town…

Discussions are here:


Jan 212011

Today marks the day that I turn 39. :O

Happy B-Day BV! :)

In fine tradition, I updated my About BV page to keep it current. Fringe made the Top Eleven TV Shows on my list as well as Just Cause 2 and Starcraft 2 making the gaming lists. I also added a PC hardware section.

I thank everyone for their support in advance and have a wonderful weekend!

Jan 032011

I have added a couple new polls for 2011 and archived the 2010 polls.

I also added an Off Topic Thread for forum members to tell my community a little about yourself. This thread is intended as an introductory topic as well as an easy way to get one post under your belt to make the forum ads go away by becoming a contributing member. Ensure that you read and then reread my forum rules and check my FAQ and QUALTA before making your first post to avoid getting the ban bat swung in your direction.

With that said, enjoy!

Jan 012011

Happy New Year 2011 from my family and I to you and yours.

With the New Year comes a couple of updates to my World of Warcraft pages:

BV EDIT: Another update: my Death Knight is now 85 as of January 2, 2011.

Dec 162010


Many people have asked for a “one-click” type of solution to Windows 7 Services. This page is my answer. Even though it takes more than just “one-click,” it will make things faster for you and assist in configuring your system for optimal performance.

Warning: Before you do anything, read EVERYTHING!

Notes for a Happier Computer and User

  • Do not use “msconfig” to disable services, type “services.msc” in the Run box instead! (why?)
  • Before disabling any service, check out the Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Services Information.
  • All of these services are “Standard” with Windows 7 Service Pack 1. If you discover something other than these listed here running, another program installed them.
  • After adjusting your service settings, reboot your computer.
  • Before posting your question in the comments below, see if your question has been addressed in the FAQ!

To-do List

  • DO back up any files that you cannot be without.
  • DO understand that editing the registry, no matter what method or extent, has risks.
  • DO use this information at your own risk.

The Don’t list

  • DON’T tweak your system randomly. Knowledge is power. Read and utilize the information I have available on my Services Configuration Guide, Services 411 Guide.
  • DON’T EVER, NEVER download and install a registry patch without first looking to see what you are applying!

Points to note

  • Modifying your services registry start up settings via these patches are GLOBAL. This means that what ever you do will effect all users.
  • You should recieve no errors when applying these patches.
  • Safe mode is not required.

Additional Information

  • Everyone should download and view the files on their local system to see what is in there before applying.
  • To EDIT the file, Extract the .zip file and save it somewhere on your local hard drive. Use “Notepad” to view the file or just right-click, select “edit” and away you go!
  • To APPLY the patch, or restore your previous backup registry file, double-click the file or right-click and select “merge.”
  • After applying the registry patch, reboot to see the effects of your tweaking.
  • I have tested these files on multiple systems and you should have no problems UNLESS you do not follow the instructions on this page. :)
  • All services that have the ability to be installed or uninstalled via Add/Remove Windows Components are not listed here. This is in an effort to not break existing configurations.
  • Several services that normally are “not” enabled are placed into automatic with these files. Two such services are Bitlocker Drive Encryption Service and WLAN AutoConfig. This is also in an effort to not break existing configurations (like a laptop connecting wirelessly) when, for the most part, people download these files to “fix” things.
  • A few services cannot be modified with a registry file. They are not listed here.


Services “Start” Key Modification

This section contains files with ONLY the “Start” key and “DelayedAutoStart”. For example:

The “Application Experience” service, this information is applied for the “Default” configuration:



For the key “Start,” the values are:

  • 00000001 ~ A system service that loads/starts very early on. Will not be used here.
  • 00000002 ~ Automatic
  • 00000003 ~ Manual
  • 00000004 ~ Disabled

Also, for the key “DelayedAutoStart,” the values are:

  • 00000000 ~ No
  • 00000001 ~ Yes

Default Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Services Start Key:

“Safe” Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Services Start Key: