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Introducing Black Viper Racing

I basically grew up around dirt track racing my entire life, attending racing events all over California and Oregon since I was only a few months old. Now, I wish to break tradition in several ways and be on the race track instead of sitting in the grand stands as well as break the mold by being a geek inside a race car instead of a motor head. Thus, the birth of ”Black Viper Racing” and ”The Racing Tech”. I cannot do this alone, however, so I need your support!

For the 2011 season, I plan on getting out on the track at Yreka, California’s Siskiyou Motor Speedway and racing the dirt oval. Initially, I have only a street “run what you brung” car and not an official “race” car, but I have to start somewhere. Future plans include getting myself into a “Modified” class race car and really tearing up the dirt like only a geek can. More information and photo galleries of the build up process will be here:

How to become a sponsor and what I am offering for sponsors:

Current 2011 Sponsors:

Take care and I will see you at the track!

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