Black Viper
Black Viper
Mar 182004

At long last, World of Warcraft has been released in Beta form and I can finally post my experiences about the Alpha. Many people have asked me why the updates in the last few months have been "few and far between." World of Warcraft was the answer that I could not tell anyone about due to a legal and binding agreement to not disclose that the game even existed. I have been been enjoying the game since December 24, 2003. More information can be discovered on the World of Warcraft [Continue Reading]

Mar 122004

Due to my overly aggressive banning of certain web site tools from connecting to my web server, I mistakenly blocked access to W3’s validation service. I reference this service on my Browser Compatibility Page. Since I recommend adhering to web standards and the use of standard compliant browsers, I feel this service is much more valuable to my readers in helping them understand the reason for web standards. Once again, the link is valid and the service is no longer forbidden access. Even though no reader brought this to my [Continue Reading]

Mar 022004

In this news update, I wanted to touch on several things that have been bouncing around in my head the last several days. Even though I would like more than anything for the information to be short, it did not turn out that way. This news update turned into an expanded Rant topic and I pretty much ran out of time to post information about my other issues. So, a short take on only one of them is included here and the next update will include additional issues. Here we [Continue Reading]

Feb 222004

With the recommendation for the Mozilla v1.6 client on these news pages on February 7, 2004, I have learned much since then. For one, just two days later, the Mozilla project released Firefox v0.8. I was not very fond of the Phoenix line of browsers, nor the most resent release of Firebird v0.7. However, the project has matured greatly since that point and I have been using Firefox v0.8 since February 9, 2004 with great success. As another point, people have also mentioned Thunderbird v0.5 as an alternative to the [Continue Reading]

Feb 072004

As several readers have pointed out: I do not like change. This fact is most obvious in the Jack in the Box Rant. However, after using Outlook Express for over 5 years, I feel it is time to cut the cord and move on. My current choice of weapon to fight the E-Mail battle is the Mozilla E-Mail client. I have been using the Mozilla browser for well over 2 years and even though I was extremely against any other browser up to that point (I had a bad experience [Continue Reading]

Dec 292003

I have information about AdShield and the reason the particular software performs as it does (outlined in several news posts below). An explanation was forwarded to me by the particular reader this issue affected: Robots.txt files are used by web sites to control which of their pages are indexed by search engine spiders.  AdShield isn’t a search engine so it doesn’t conform to this standard even in version 3.  The caching option has always been disabled by default.  Version 3 does have an exclude list which could be used to [Continue Reading]

Dec 252003

I have been selected SETI@Home user of the day [link removed]. I think it could have something to do with my profile’s [link removed] picture involving Santa. Coincidence? The world may never know. 🙂 I have also been told that the person mentioned in the last couple of news updates may be using an "older" version of AdShield. Unfortunately, due to the Holiday season, they have not been able to get any answer from technical support as to the issues outlined below. If it does turn out that the older [Continue Reading]

Dec 232003

Well, the person outlined two updates below "is" using a plain version of IE6, that is, if you do not include using AdShield. AdShield blocks pop-ups and banner ads. Since I do not have any, it is rather pointless to have it running on my site. However, this is the intriguing thing. Cut and pasted from the home page is this "feature:" Improves performance using optional background downloading and caching of pages/images linked to the ones you’re viewing. Improves performance for "whom?" That completely explains the reason for the log [Continue Reading]

Dec 222003

In an attempt to give my readers a little insight as to "what goes on behind the scenes," I have posted the following news update. Time to start the latest Quick Rant. This is the longest news update I have had in awhile. The reason? I am banging my head up against the monitor. I, once again, fired up the automatic banning of IP addresses last night. This is due to my desire to stop "bad" robots from sucking too much bandwidth. More information on this practice is located in [Continue Reading]

Dec 172003

I have had several complains from readers about my web server automatically banning their IP address because of "abuse." This is due to my recently implemented configuration to stop "bad" robots from sucking too much bandwidth. More information on this practice is located in my Abuse Rant. I implemented a "hidden link" which all "good" robots, including all major search engines, would ignore. Some proxy servers, pre-fetchers and firewall’s chose to ignore the robots.txt standard. This is an issue to take up with the creators of those programs, not my [Continue Reading]