Black Viper
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Nov 292007

I have added four new polls in the forum section for members to vote on. The topics include: 32-bit vs 64-bit ~ If given the choice, which OS structure would you use exclusively? AMD/ATI vs nVidia ~ Which graphics card platform? AMD vs Intel ~ Choose between an AMD CPU in your next system or an Intel CPU powering it? XP vs Vista ~ Which OS do you prefer? Discuss and enjoy!

Oct 162007

With the public release of the default service registry files for Vista, I will now work hard on updating the Service descriptions and “tweaked” configurations with service settings that provide function as well as performance while attempting to not break existing configurations for what ever you use your system for.

Oct 152007

I have found that the following Windows Vista Services states cannot be controlled by a registry file in normal or safe mode: DCOM Server Process Launcher Diagnostic Policy Service Diagnostic Service Host Diagnostic System Host Distributed Link Tracking Client Group Policy Client Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Security Accounts Manager Windows Modules Installer

Oct 102007

The last thing that I wanted to do was toot a Microsoft horn, but I wanted to test out Windows Media Center with an Extender (XBOX 360) and stream TV. This test really is only for me to determine the minimum amount of service that need to be enabled/automatic for this function to work. This sounds like an easy task, but it took me several hours to finish it. (and several more months previously to jump into the task). First off, my Xbox 360 does not have a wireless card [Continue Reading]

Oct 092007

I am working on a way to determine what services are required to ensure that all updates from Microsoft Automatic Update are being applied properly. Currently, some updates will fail if a particular service is not set to its default value or disabled. At this time, it is best for you to ensure that all services are set to the default values before updating your system. More then likely, I will make registry patches for the default settings of Vista to easily perform this task.