Black Viper
Black Viper
Feb 222004

Originally drafted July 27, 2003, I have refrained from posting this particular web page because of the title I picked: Free Beer! However, I feel this information needs to get out to those people that need it. Now, obviously, I am not offering free beer or ever going to on this web site or any other. However, I have placed this web page here for educational purposes to guide my readers in understanding the various Social Engineering techniques that are out today, and attempt to get you to do something [Continue Reading]

Feb 142004

Today marks the 5th year of this web sites life. I wish to thank all of my readers for the encouragement to continue and hope many more years serving the internet community is in the future.

Jan 252004

I have (finally) completely caught up on E-Mail. If you did not get a reply, I apologize in advance, but I sifted through 300 E-Mails today and you must understand that I cannot reply to everyone.

Jan 242004

I feel it is best to offer the viewer to choose how a domain looks, not the webmaster. I had the "change color" feature enabled for many months, but I removed it to reduce my bandwidth consumption. Since that time, I have taken many steps to optimize the domain, yet attempt to make it accessible for everyone. As such, the "Change Color" feature has returned in the upper-left corner. I will see how it goes. You can take the following steps to adjust your viewing pleasure: Using Cookies and JavaScript: [Continue Reading]

Jan 222004

Several months ago, I posted the UCE@FTC.GOV Rant [link removed]. Initially, I posted this page on September 17, 2003. In its previous state, I had screen shots with "proof" and much more details and background than I currently have. However, due to the phase of the moon and other unforeseen circumstances, the "original" page was overwritten by a "blank" page. As such, I spent many hours of research writing it all up and making it perfect… just to have it all go away into the void. This frustrated me to [Continue Reading]

Jan 212004

Another couple to add to the list after reading another hundred or so in an attempt to catch up my backlog of E-Mail: Why don’t you just charge people for information/answering questions? I do not post information and help people to make money. I am a geek and enjoy my hobby. The moment I would start "charging" would be the exact moment the "hobby" would turn into work and I fear the result would be less than fun. Regardless of amount of cash someone may have access to and be [Continue Reading]

Jan 212004

After sifting through around a hundred or so E-Mails today in an attempt to catch up, I answer some more common questions that will be included in my Frequently Asked Questions shortly: Why don’t you add a "forum" for technical support? At one time, I did offer News Group access on my network. I even posted a guide to help people configure their computer to access it. It took about three times as much effort to offer that resource than anything else because it actually "increased" the amount of "stuff" [Continue Reading]

Jan 202004

I stepped away from the web site for a few days. I needed a break. I also did not check any E-Mail. Ironically enough, after I posted the previous news update, my E-Mail volume doubled. Mostly kind words, but still a large amount of "can you help me before you stop" questions. I modified the "Contact Black Viper" page to make it a bit more clear as to the overwhelming crush I am experiencing. For the most part, my "frequent readers" check the news often and understand my current situation. [Continue Reading]

Jan 062004

Unfortunately, the day has finally arrived when my information has become so popular that it has stretched my resources to the limit. Each time I add something to the domain, more E-Mail is directed to my inbox. Some is positive feedback, but most are random technical support questions that I no longer have the time to answer. I enjoy providing this domain to the Internet community, but my time has completely been overtaken by my desire to help as many people with their own personal computer issues. This desire to [Continue Reading]