Black Viper
Black Viper
Nov 052011

It seems that IE and Firefox were not playing nicely with Chrome and, even though Chrome displayed the site exactly as I intended… IE and Firefox were way off. This issue should now be fixed.

Oct 302011

I have been monitoring the server performance for the last several weeks (and experiencing it myself while surfing my own site) and it was not up to my standards. I previously attempted to enable APC to speed performance up and failed numerous times for various reasons, becoming frustrated in the process. Today, however, I thought I would give XCache a try with great success. It looks as though CPU usage dropped by around 50% while page rendering and crawl time also dropped by 50%. I am pretty happy with the [Continue Reading]

Aug 112011

Update – September 20, 2011: Google+ is now open to everyone – I am offering all of my website readers an invite to Google+. Includes Video Chat, sharing of photos/video, etc. Just like Facebook without all the BS. I have 150 available to exclusively send out (first come, first served). The only thing you have to do is Email me with your email address in the text message and I will send an invite to that location. After signing up with Google+. You can add your own friends! It [Continue Reading]

Jul 212011

I have already been asked if  my previous post about shutting down the BBS/Forum section of the domain is an indication that all of my information or guides will also vanish. The answer? No! My decision to shutdown the forums is based on time administering and keeping a “General” technical support forum operational and clean. The less time I struggle with keeping up the forums, the more time I have to write content. Plain and simple. Thank you, kind reader, for your support over the last 12 years! You are appreciated!

Jul 202011

The forum is currently shutdown. I wish to thank all of my members for their time and effort at making my community a clean and safe one, but the task of administrating a “General” technical support forum on my “personal” website was too great. It has been a great few years and I am sorry to let it go, but time has got the better of me recently. It makes me sad that I have to let a piece of my web site go with such great support of my [Continue Reading]

May 272011

Member registration on the Forum (BBS) section of my website is currently disabled pending a total shutdown. No… Not “everything”, only the discussion forum, not the information you are viewing right now, nor my old content yet to be transfered into this format.

Apr 242011

Happy Birthday Kitties! Even though all three of them were not actually “born” on Easter, we celebrate their birthdays on the “day we brought them home”, which was… Easter 12 years ago for 25 pounder “J” and 8 years ago for the much smaller Brother and Sister pair of “Houdini” and “K”. Getting these shots took lots of effort, a dedicated additional lighting system (the house is kept dungeon dark) and a tripod (keeping a camera semi-stable without one is silly, even though I attempted it) for my Droid 2 [Continue Reading]