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Massive Changes Incoming

Due to the following massive changes, I will be unable to spend any time updating content on this domain or replying to E-Mail:

  • Changing (finally) from a dial-up ISP to broadband wireless.
  • Switching from my current domain bandwidth provider to using my own resources.
  • Reconfiguring computers to support E-Mail, news groups, and web services.

However, after everything is up and running, the following added features will be available:

  • Articles to assist my readers in serving their own domains.
  • Multiple dedicated game servers.
  • and some more stuff I wish to keep under wraps until they go "Live."

I will still provide all funding to keep the domains up and running, I will just have more control over how this happens.

Current time line:

  1. Antenna installation: 07DEC2002 (Complete)
  2. ISP Installation of upgraded backbone – OC3 (17DEC2002)
  3. ISP service online (19DEC2002)
  4. Test Domain online (20DEC2002)
  5. Full conversion over to me hosting my domains (01JAN2003) (I hope)

During this transition period, I will not entertain technical support questions via E-Mail. I must "get smart" really fast on being my own provider of web servers, so I need all the spare time I can get.

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