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I Post Information When I am Happy With It

Even though the "updates" have been few and far between, rest assured that I am working on several projects. Also, you may need to keep in mind that I do not just "toss" information up just to look cool. I work through the process and post the information when I am satisfied with it. This takes time.

Currently, I want to post a "BootVis" guide, "Tweak UI," and a "How to host your own web services." I also wish to expand the Windows Services Information.

Again, this takes time.

Whenever I post up a new guide, it also seems that gives people the go ahead to ask even more questions about stuff totally unrelated to anything I have posted so far. "Since you know how to filter E-Mails, can you help me fix my scanner?" Sifting through those technical support E-Mails takes time.

I am also never satisfied with the "look" of the site. As such, even though I have not posted "what I did," many hours are spent tweaking the pages for spelling, grammar and efficiency. Another project that I wish to do is have the photo albums return.

All of this takes time… Time that I really have not had recently. However, the extended "real job" hours seem to be going down which gives me much more time to geek out. That is a good thing.

I am also thinking about posting a "MailBag" section and answer some of the E-Mails that I have hitting my inbox publicly. That way, the "fix my scanner" E-Mails can be answered and viewed by others with "the same problem." This will also give me more time to post more info… etc.

Another thought includes a common request of an "update newsletter" of sorts. I have not had a way of doing it before without too much manual effort. However, my E-Mail server has the capability of automating requests and distribution of the information. Again, testing, writing and implementing "the plan" takes time.

Plenty is going on. My brain never stops. Sometimes, that is a curse. 🙂

Thank you, kind reader, for understanding my situation and stay tuned for "much more information" to be posted in the very near future.

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