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Many Invalid Links Corrected

All E-Mail is caught up and I also corrected several errors, mainly invalid links, in the Windows 2000 Services Configurations and Windows 2000 Services Descriptions.

Several articles and items I would like to post or do in the near future are as follows:

  • Windows 2000 registry patches: To go along with the Windows XP Services Registry Information.
  • Red Hat 9.0 Install Guide
  • Windows XP Services update to include Service Pack 2 (upon release)
  • Asherons Call 2 Review: 8 months in the making… it is 80% done. I really should finish it soon.
  • Complete networking guide to include information on how to set up your own E-Mail, Web and DNS servers. This document will be enormous and probably be drafted in stages. Kind of like a weekly update with new information posted.
  • Place my web cam back online for public consumption.
  • Post Windows 2003 information. This will include Install Guide and also Services information.
  • Make all images point to an XHTML page and not directly to them. This is mainly cosmetic change, but I do not like images being loaded directly in a browser. It just looks unprofessional. However, this will take much time to update thousands of images throughout the domain.
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