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Firewall Filtering Performance Lackluster

In the last several days, I have done much to try and figure out how to increase the performance of, not only the domain, but the network in general. After plenty of testing, I have been leaning in the direction that the domain is not being slowed down by the available bandwidth, but the firewall’s filtering performance. In the next few days, I will do even more testing to ensure that is the case. If it is, I will modify the networks configuration for a much higher capacity of packet filtering. This will ultimately provide faster content download.

Another point to make is I am now running monitoring software to ensure that the domain is online 24/7. In recent past, not including the planned outages, I have strived to have 100% access to legitimate traffic. It looks as though, several times, the outages were due to the firewall’s refusal to transfer any additional traffic. That is totally unacceptable. Even though several outages in the past year have been caused by my ISP, once by a kitty unplugging a server, and a long 18 hour stretch caused by a local power outage, I feel I have been rather successful in keeping the domain as accessible as one person can. However, until 100% and maximum performance is reached, I will not rest easy. An impossible task? Yep, but I enjoy striving for the impossible goal.

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