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Round Three Complete

I have finished round three of my web server modifications. This basically was only the removal of my “test” domain “” Since I have not messed with it for over 8 months, I feel it is better to take it off of the web and have the server concentrate on more important matters: this web site.

I also completed reconfiguring my E-Mail server to ban “lots” of virus/worm propagating systems. For those geeks out there, here is a quick rundown:

Upon observing SMTP connection information, I have noticed that “lots” of viruses, worms and spammers tend to use the domain they are sending an E-Mail to as the “greeting.” More specifically, the “HELO” and “EHLO” fields. This field is generally used to “identify” the sending mail server. I have, just today, banned all E-Mail from specific IP’s that “claim” they are from my domain! Each IP is only banned for 30 minutes to ensure that valid content is not dropped, or at least minimized. So far, it is working perfectly. Maybe, someday, I will get the time to outline exactly my configuration for my E-Mail server to assist other domain admins on this very real problem.

Updates to content may be sparse, but I have been working hard on, not only my server modifications, but reviewing Windows XP Service Pack 2. Plenty of additions are included that I like, some that I do not.

Completely redoing all of my Services recommendations will take time. However, since Microsoft is usually slow out of the gate with regards to Service Packs, I should have all the time that I need. Rest assured, upon final release, Service Pack 2 information will be here… in full force.

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