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Removed Atomz Search

I have removed my search page as Atomz (my previous "free" search provider) began adding paid advertisements to my search results, which is something that I am against. I will come up with an alternate solution (hopefully) soon.

I also realized (WAY too late) that the previous news updates had the year 2004 in them. I was wondering why people were saying I have not updated in a really long time. 🙂 This has been fixed.

Other people have wondered what I am up to. I have to tell you that I have been geeking now more then ever. However, my energy is heading in a different direction. Recent news and information released from Microsoft has really yanked my chain, even more then previous years. It would take a complete (and rather long) Rant to hit on everything that has been bugging me lately. Regardless, I have purchased a Mac Mini to experiment with OS X and have ventured deeper into the Linux realm.

Lots of changes are happening behind the scenes. More information to follow… I hope. 🙂

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