Black Viper
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Jan 062004

Unfortunately, the day has finally arrived when my information has become so popular that it has stretched my resources to the limit. Each time I add something to the domain, more E-Mail is directed to my inbox. Some is positive feedback, but most are random technical support questions that I no longer have the time to answer. I enjoy providing this domain to the Internet community, but my time has completely been overtaken by my desire to help as many people with their own personal computer issues. This desire to [Continue Reading]

Dec 022003

I have used the “Black Viper” name as an “alias” for many years. It came about when I was pre-teen and just starting to get into the computer scene, even though I was (and still could be) an Atari 2600 gamer. At the time, “everyone” (which was a very small circle of shunned geek’s, because computers were not cool at the time) had a name by which they used for gaming and “cracking.” I wanted to come up with something that was, essentially, the exact opposite of who I really [Continue Reading]

Aug 102003

Related Questions: Why is LSASS.exe shutting down my computer after 60 seconds? Why is svchost.exe crashing my computer? Why is dllhost.exe taking 100% of my CPU time? A buffer overrun is the cause of an issue affecting many versions of Windows to include NT, 2000, XP and 2003. The main indication of this is a 60 second shutdown counter just after connecting to the internet or “right after” an attack attempt. “Strange” network activity while you are not downloading or surfing is another key factor. Upon examination of my firewall [Continue Reading]

Mar 162003

It is because I block all clients from accessing my images without proper “referer” (sic) information being transmitted to the server. This “referer” (sic) information is logged to find out “where you came from.” It helps figure out the bad links people are sending my way. It helps to discover what people are “searching for” when they click on in, and it identifies theft of bandwidth. Why do I do this? It is to avoid other sites stealing my images and my bandwidth by “inlining” images on their domains. Of [Continue Reading]

Mar 112003

“C-Dilla” is the name of a company that was purchased by Macrovision. The previous company, and now Macrovision, use the “C-Dilla” technology to provide “software activation” services and CD Key verification services for anti-piracy reasons. This technology is now sold by Macrovision as “SafeCast” and is bundled with many products. More information about C-Dilla and “official” content is located here: The “old” C-Dilla site is here: Macrovisions Web Site is here: “FAQ” about C-Dilla, SafeCast and “spyware” concerns located on Macrovisions site is here:

Oct 282002

Boot into safe mode and install this registry patch. It will place RPC service back into automatic. After applying the registry fix, you should be able to boot normally. This file contains only the “Start” key: The “RpcSs” service, this information is applied: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\RpcSs] “Start”=dword:00000002 Download File Name: ~ 288 bytes ~ Version .01 ~ October 28, 2002 If this does not fix the problem, you can attempt to reinstall Windows on top of the old installation. This usually repairs the OS, but keeps user data still accessible. However, [Continue Reading]

Oct 192002

This is due to spammers exploiting a feature that has been in Windows since Windows NT 3.5, but not Windows 95, 98, Me. It is called the “net send” command. This has nothing to do with MSN Messenger, nor is it “WinPopUp.” The reason spammers have begun to target this “feature” is the fact that people are beginning to adopt OS’s built on NT, such as XP. Previously, the un-requested popups were not a problem because so few people were running an OS that supported it. To test for this [Continue Reading]

Oct 132002

Is that a question? Note: As of February 5, 2011, I have converted the domain over to a white color layout. That is not to say that black will not return in the future, but that is how it is right now. I have lost plenty of sleep and spent many hours to get the site accessible to everyone that wishes to visit. I have no code, that I am aware of, that forces you to view the domain as I intended. I feel it is best to offer the [Continue Reading]

Oct 112002

When I was in school, I spent more time banging on keyboards, playing games, tearing apart old electronics and watching “Mtv” (when they actually played video’s) than I did studying English. As my defense, I try to also write as I talk, which is not very correct grammar. As a result, I get my point across, but with mistakes. I sometimes over use the CAPS key to make a point. That is usually considered a no-no. I tend to “incorrectly” use and over use quotation marks (as I just did). [Continue Reading]