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You have not replied to my E-Mail! Why not?!?

If you have taken the time to write to me, I will write to you as long as the following conditions have been met, usually within the span of 24 hours (sometimes, within minutes):

  1. You are not asking anything about Hacks, Cracks and Cheats. I mean zero. None. Nil. Nothing.
  2. Your default E-Mail client has the proper information configured. I cannot write to you unless the reply address is valid.
    Usually, this is the answer to “why” I have not replied to your E-Mail.
  3. You did not slander me or were rude, including “bragging” that your (RPG character, computer, house, car, whatever) is “better” than mine. I don’t really care. 🙂 I have little time for “my friend can kick your ass” arguments.
  4. You did not E-Mail me to my “hotmail-spam-catching-free” addresses.
  5. Any encoded E-Mails (MIME with base64) that I cannot see the “source” and full headers of will be deleted without second thought. Send your E-Mail in plain text. It will place a smile on my face. How to view the source of an E-Mail is located in my E-Mail Filtering Guide.
  6. Random “My computer is broke, what is wrong?” questions are difficult, if not impossible to answer via E-Mail. If the answer is off the top of my head, you will get an immediate reply. If it is not, I will attempt to guide you in the correct direction with some advice on what to look for.
  7. Unfortunately, due to the popularity of some of my information, I cannot respond to everyone’s technical support questions. It would just take a large amount of time to do so.

Practically a guaranteed way of getting a reply is being nice and sending the E-Mail in plain text with a valid reply address.

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