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(Insert Software Here) does not work or crashes. Can you help? Does a patch exist?

Can I help? Usually, no. The publisher and/or developer of the particular game or program that you are having problems with is much better equipped at solving your problem and offering updates to your software. Every software program has a contact list of technical support numbers. Please check your manual for that information as I do not have it. I do not work for any software publisher, nor have the resources to offer E-Mail technical support on software that, more than likely, I do not even have.

If the software makers cannot help you, there is little that I can do to “magically” make it work for you.

If you are requesting patch or update information: I would normally just go to the publishers or developers web site and look, then, E-Mail you the answer. You can cut the 24 hour lag time by just looking on your own. The contact information is in your manual that came with your purchased product.

Part of the money for your software package is used to offer you tech support services.

If you did not purchase your software, I will not give you technical support, assist in “guiding” you to the proper site, nor help you in any other way.

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