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Oct 102007

The last thing that I wanted to do was toot a Microsoft horn, but I wanted to test out Windows Media Center with an Extender (XBOX 360) and stream TV. This test really is only for me to determine the minimum amount of service that need to be enabled/automatic for this function to work. This sounds like an easy task, but it took me several hours to finish it. (and several more months previously to jump into the task). First off, my Xbox 360 does not have a wireless card [Continue Reading]

Aug 122004

Why can’t I access/check my Hotmail or Yahoo account using my DSL connection? This particular issue came about due to a family member that was unable to check their HTTP E-Mail accounts after a new installation of SBC DSL either by accessing it via a browser or Outlook Express. After over two hours of banging my head against the monitor, I figured out the solution.

May 262004

My SBC DSL is having issues. High latency and dropped packets in the Southern California area. However, the problem is not "local" to me, but routing issues in the LA area. How did I discover this? Check this thread and see that I am not the only one: As a result, the web site may be a little slow, depending on where you are connecting from. I am sure the issue will be resolved soon because of the amount of SBC DSL World of Warcraft players experiencing latency of 2000ms [Continue Reading]

May 122004

After originally posting my AMD and Intel Rant on July 30, 2002, many items touched on have become extremely out of date. I decided to take a "second look" at what both AMD and Intel has accomplished recently and hopefully provide a vision for the future. So here it is: AMD vs. Intel Rant Take 2.

Mar 012004

In the last several days, I have done much to try and figure out how to increase the performance of, not only the domain, but the network in general. After plenty of testing, I have been leaning in the direction that the domain is not being slowed down by the available bandwidth, but the firewall’s filtering performance. In the next few days, I will do even more testing to ensure that is the case. If it is, I will modify the networks configuration for a much higher capacity of packet [Continue Reading]

Jun 142003

I am currently testing out a new web server. You are currently accessing the old server. The load will be split between both of these systems. If you have any performance issues, please contact me and I will look into it.

Apr 142003

BINGO! Finally, Intel releases today "my dream chipset." The new Intel 875P chipset includes support for all of the latest gadgets; to name a few: AGP8X Dual-channel DDR400 memory Quad pumped 200 MHz bus speed (equating to 800 MHz vice 133 x 4 = 533) RAID 0 (stripping) with a Serial ATA interface USB 2.0 Even though the first P4 CPU’s that support the new 800 MHz bus have been postponed due to "problems," the 875P chipset is the step in the right direction for Intel to finally implement all [Continue Reading]

Oct 062002

Introduction Using “FDISK” does not have to be a difficult chore as long as you follow my FDISK Usage Guide. If you know what to expect, it is a rather easy task. Note: If you are “clean” installing Windows 2000, XP Home or XP Pro, and do not wish to multi-boot your system, you do not have to run FDISK before hand as, during the install process, options for creating partitions are built in. FDISK Usage Guide Important Information Warning: Using FDISK to “resize” or recreate a partition will effectively destroy what [Continue Reading]

Sep 032002

After a small, but well deserved break, I am back in action with a long over due update to my Hardware configurations: Computer Status [link removed]~ Updated to include new printer. I have thought about what additional content that I am going to add over the last few days. I hope that you, my kind readers, will enjoy it.