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Intel 875P Chipset Released

BINGO! Finally, Intel releases today "my dream chipset." The new Intel 875P chipset includes support for all of the latest gadgets; to name a few:

  • AGP8X
  • Dual-channel DDR400 memory
  • Quad pumped 200 MHz bus speed (equating to 800 MHz vice 133 x 4 = 533)
  • RAID 0 (stripping) with a Serial ATA interface
  • USB 2.0

Even though the first P4 CPU’s that support the new 800 MHz bus have been postponed due to "problems," the 875P chipset is the step in the right direction for Intel to finally implement all the latest technologies in one package.

Check the Intel Press Release, the 875P chipset specs, and for their take on the subject.

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