Black Viper
Black Viper
Feb 262009

The Server Service issue is still causing quite a stir on the internet. Ensure that you have fully updated your system as to not be infected by "Conficker" or its several variants. CA: F-Secure: Symantec: Sophos: In order to fix this issue, you need to patch your system using the latest update fix version: In order to remove the problem, you can use Microsoft’s own removal tool or anything else offered from the company links above: Regardless of what you do or how you choose [Continue Reading]

Jan 102009

Official Windows 7 BETA (looks like build 7000) is now available for download in 32/64-bit versions. 32 bit version: 2.44 GiB 64-bit version: 3.15 GiB They are in limited supply, so check them out now: I could get a BETA key for each version using Firefox 3, but no download happened. I fired up IE *shudder* and an ActiveX component was installed to download in that manner. If you are having issues, try IE! Also, according to the installation instructions located here: The Beta will stop working on August [Continue Reading]

Dec 022008

I have placed online a new section for Services: Windows XP Pro x64 (64-bit) SP2 Custom Services Control Batch File Tool. This tool allows the creation of a batch file (.bat extension) and uses the built in command line tool sc.exe to modify service settings without modifying the settings directly via the registry. Since this is the first release of the Default Services Control Batch Files and Custom Tool, it should be considered "beta" or even "alpha", but I have tested them without failure. Contact BV if you have any [Continue Reading]