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World of Warcraft Now Beta Form, Thoughts From Alpha

At long last, World of Warcraft has been released in Beta form and I can finally post my experiences about the Alpha.

Many people have asked me why the updates in the last few months have been "few and far between." World of Warcraft was the answer that I could not tell anyone about due to a legal and binding agreement to not disclose that the game even existed.

I have been been enjoying the game since December 24, 2003.

More information can be discovered on the World of Warcraft official web site, but here is what I have been working on secretly in the background. Not much, but I must explain that the game is so much fun, I had no time to write!

Current Pages:

  • News and Updates
  • Beta Tips: Index of all available Tips content about World of Warcraft on
  • Character Creation Tips: Includes a breakdown of all Alliance Races and Classes with starting Proficiencies and Starting Stats

The download for the Beta client is 2.0 GB’s. This also will explain why the web site was "slow" the last few hours. I was downloading the new client, myself.

If any of my readers were lucky enough to get into the first round of the public Beta, send me off a message in game:

Currently activated characters (only Alliance is available in the current push):

  • BlackViperz – Level 16 Night Elf Priest
  • BlackViper – Level 10 Dwarf Paladin
  • BlackVipere – Level 5 Night Elf Rogue
  • KeirNyoka – Level 1 Human Mage
  • SwartAdder – Level 1 Human Warrior

Currently disabled characters (but will return in the near future):

  • BlackVipers – Level 23 Tauren Warrior
  • BlackViperTW – Level 18 Tauren Warrior
  • BlackViperII – Level 18 Undead Priest

Please understand:

  • I am not technical support for Blizzard.
  • I do not work for Blizzard.
  • I will not answer technical support questions while I am "escaping from the real world" by playing games.
  • I will not give, loan or tell anyone my CD key. I have a very strong opinion on that matter.

More to come in the future!

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