Black Viper
Black Viper
Oct 082007

I have modified Vista service descriptions of the following: I turned my PS3 and TV into a really expensive CD player via sharing my music library over the network to the PS3 device and this is what I found: The following services are required to perform this action and as I type this, my PS3 is spewing my networked library out of my TV and subwoofer by being connected to my desktop.: Function Discovery Provider Host Function Discovery Resource Publication PnP-X Ip Bus Enumerator SSDP Discovery Terminal Services UPnP Device [Continue Reading]

Oct 082007

The domain was offline a few minutes today while I fixed some forum issues: Registration for new members has been broken. Emails were not being sent out and the problem “should” be fixed. Previous registrants “should” receive a new email to activate your account. Thank you for your patience while I continue to work through the bugs.

Oct 052007

I have modified Vista service descriptions of the following: Application Information CNG Key Isolation Extensible Authentication Protocol Parental Controls – no change to state (still disabled). ReadyBoost – changed the recommendations to disabled. User Profile Service Wired AutoConfig WLAN AutoConfig

Oct 022007

I have added the following Vista service descriptions: Indexing Service Message Queuing Message Queuing Triggers Removable Storage RIP Listener Simple TCP/IP Services Telnet Windows Process Activation Service World Wide Web Publishing Service I have also updated the DCOM Server Process Launcher dependencies listing.

Sep 182007

I have now placed back online a big chunk of my old gaming information and also included a new page: World of Warcraft Character Listing. As with any major update, I could have overlooked something small or huge. Contact BV and report any errors that you find. It is appreciated.

Aug 272007

I found out recently that one of my new co-workers knows who “Black Viper” is while we were casually talking about computers. This set a fire under my butt to try and update the site more and get more information current. In the coming days, I will update the XP and Vista information as well as put more pages online dealing with both. Stay tuned!

May 232007

Never be without BV again! I am now offering the complete web site on a CD [link removed]! You will get a snapshot of the entire for you to browse offline with no ads to pester you! California residents will be asked to pay 7.25% sales tax on your purchase. All sales are final. Refunds are not authorized. CD’s are mailed by using the US Postal Service. Unconfirmed addresses may be denied. Please wait 1 to 2 weeks for delivery of your CD. If your CD arrives damaged, you [Continue Reading]