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Temporarily Disabled Color Schemes

I have temporarily disabled the different color schemes while I work on a server side solution. If you are lucky enough to use Netscape or, even better, the open source Mozilla, you can change the Black color scheme to a White theme by selecting View –> Use Style –> White.

If you are using IE of any flavor, that feature is not available, sorry. But, you can choose Tools –> General Tab –> Accessibility button and check:

  • Ignore colors specified on Web pages

You can even go so far as to do the following. However, some content may be obscured due to positioning of the elements.

  • Ignore font styles specified on Web pages
  • Ignore font sizes specified on Web pages

I hope to have my solution available soon, however, I am not even going to commit to a time frame.

Basically what this does for me is allow less connections opened to my server with reduced bandwidth consumption by not serving the Java style sheet switcher file and the 2 extra style sheets. The good news would be that the site will load faster due to the reduction in data transfer upon connecting to the site.

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