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Outbound Compression Installed

I took the web server down to configure my latest domain change. I have successfully installed a compression module for the web server to allow outbound traffic to be dynamically compressed. This will (and already has proven) effective at reducing my bandwidth consumption and greatly decreases page load time. For example, one of my most popular pages being Windows XP Services 411 also has the distinct pleasure of being one of the largest pages served. In an uncompressed state, the amount of data for the page being transferred over the internet, not to include images, is 134KB. In a compressed state, it is 23KB. Even on a 56Kbps modem, the page should download within 9 seconds.

I am currently looking at more ways to decrease bandwidth and keep the site accessible to everyone.

Feedback is welcome if you notice any changes or even if you see no difference at all: Contact BV.

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