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Random Thoughts

After waiting a rather long time to update, I finally have some news to post up.

  1. If you have been wondering WHY your Microsoft Sidewinder Precision Pro feels so “sturdy,” it is because there is two large ball bearings in the base of the joystick with room for 2 more. So if your stick is a little heavy, take the few screws out of the base and remove the added weight. As a side note, on the inside of the base cover, there is a few names molded into the base. Designers? Testers? Who knows.
  2. I should have my site resolved to “” by the end of the week. Make sure you update your bookmarks!?! 🙂
  3. I will have my Kitty pictures posted on Friday night…
  4. I saw one of the best movies in a long time last night. 2 words: “The Matrix” If you are looking for a wild ride for a few hours, give it a try. I am rather hard to please 🙂 and this movie blew me away…

For now, this is all I can come up with. Take care and thanks for visiting!

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