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I Am Not A Scholar

If, at any time during your stay, you find a “spelling” or “grammar” or “English” error… sorry. I am not a Scholar, an editor for a major media group, nor an English major. I tend to write as I speak. Not the most “proper” way to do things, but it is my “style.” It also makes my site rather accessible to a wide variety of people that have little desire to read a thesis of dribble containing nothing but “big words.” I tend to get to the point or drag it on forever without saying anything. I tend to say it how it is… just like I would say it to your face. I do not have a pocket thesaurus on hand at all times, and I do not expect to “convey” such “high” education upon this domain.

It is the way I am… and I thank my kind readers for understanding. 🙂

What I do do (is that correct?!?) is bang on the keyboard until I can not think of anything else to say. I then read and reread my text to ensure that it “seems” to flow properly. If it does that, I have done my duty. I then post the information and wait about 30 minutes. I read again just to catch the “stupid” errors that I could have easily missed the first two times. After that, it is left, pretty much, as is.

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