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I hate the color Black! Change the color scheme! I cannot read it!

Is that a question?

Note: As of February 5, 2011, I have converted the domain over to a white color layout. That is not to say that black will not return in the future, but that is how it is right now.

I have lost plenty of sleep and spent many hours to get the site accessible to everyone that wishes to visit. I have no code, that I am aware of, that forces you to view the domain as I intended.

I feel it is best to offer the viewer to choose how a domain looks, not the webmaster.

I also understand that a “Black” color scheme really jerks some peoples chains. That is fine… but be aware of this: you can change it.

You can take the following steps to adjust your viewing pleasure:

Change the color and look of the domain

Without cookies and JavaScript:

If you are using IE8, you can choose Page –> Style and select what ever color you desire.

If you are using IE, you can choose Tools –> General Tab –> Accessibility button or Tools -> Internet Options -> General Tab -> Accessibility button and check:

  • Ignore colors specified on Web pages

You can even go so far as to do the following, however, some content may be obscured due to positioning of the elements and all three of these options (color, font and style) are global, meaning all web sites will be restricted to your settings.

  • Ignore font styles specified on Web pages
  • Ignore font sizes specified on Web pages

Unfortunately, Google Chrome 2.0 does not have a page viewing option for color information (it does only for fonts). However, you can still use the “Cookies and JavaScript” option outlined above with no issues.

Change the size of the text

You can also adjust the size of the text for you resolution and monitor size by selecting View –> Text Size, View –> Text Zoom, or View –> Zoom depending on your browser and increase / decrease as necessary.

Adjust the font style, links, colors, etc

The font style (Arial / sans-serif) was also chosen by selecting one that “looked exactly the same” in each of the following: IE, Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera. You may be able to change the “default” font to what ever you wish in your browser’s options, as well as whether or not hyperlinks are a particular color or even always underlined.

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