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Broadband Up and Running

The broadband has been up and running for a couple of weeks, now, and I am happy with the service and latency. This can only mean one thing: Time to geek out!

Some of the things that I wish to do in the near future, when the "real job" lets me stay home for a few hours is:

  • I plan on hosting several "non-public" game servers to provide my readers with a nice place to play free of as many hacks, cracks and cheats as I possibly can. I wish to solicit ideas from my kind readers as to what games to provide and any suggestions to accomplish this task. I am also thinking about having a "one time donation" of $.50 via PayPal to weed out those "children" that could ruin the enjoyment of the gaming community. I doubt this will happen as I probably do not have the time to police the network and deal with accounts.
  • I would like to fire up my "gaming community information" page as, when I first put it up many moons ago, I was still strapped with a pathetic dial up connection. It is difficult to manage an online gaming community if the "founder" cannot play online. 🙂
  • I wish to have my domains local and not served from an outside source. The Web server, test domain and DNS servers are online, but the domains are not transferred over.
  • Even though the domains are not stored local, having broadband has saved me enormous amounts of time while uploading content. The natural effect would be to provide more information as I have more time to construct it. When the domains are transferred over, it will even be better.
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