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Asherons Call 2 and Domain Testing Complete

Wow. I fell behind again in E-Mail answering. Two hours later, things are caught up. Kind words are always welcome as they fuel this domain.

The funny thing is, I have not fallen behind due to anything "important," but I needed a well deserved break from the real world. As such, I dove in head first with Asherons Call 2. For several months (since release) I have been playing the game online and enjoy it. Many things do not make me happy, for one: The crafting system is impossible. However, the game is not all that bad. If you ever find yourself wandering around Wintersebb, give a tell to "Black Viper" or "Black Viper Two."

Testing is complete as far as DNS, WWW and E-MAIL servers and an additional router was purchased to break apart the network. DNS seems to be working on the test domain and E-Mail has also passed. Now, the great plunge is the only thing that is left.

I have been waiting a long time for this moment and now that it is here, I am wondering what will happen. I have come to enjoy the service of my existing provider (he is a co-worker that started his own ISP in an adjacent town) and he has always been helpful and supportive of my bandwidth needs, and I thank him for it.

The unknown is always a scary realm to dive into. As a result, I am going to wait "just one more week" to convert the domains over. At that time, I am going to take baby steps and only change over "one" of them to see what happens. If serving the domain has any effect on my gaming, I just may have to keep the sites where they are. However, I really want this to work and I will not sleep until the performance, stability and reliability meets my satisfaction.

Wait. I already cut out sleep months ago. 🙂

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