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Behind on E-mail

Last week, I became way behind on answering E-Mails due to “real job” and the long hours I have put in due to recent “real world events.” However, they have all been caught up and now I am going to take the plunge on rewiring the network. This probably will take all day as I am going to move all the systems out, clean them up, and place curtains above the desks. After that, a few UPS will be installed and the systems will be fired up to be “one step closer to my goal of hosting my own domains.” In fact, the only thing left would be to change the DNS servers over to me and watch the pretty lights as the traffic comes in.

I thank my kind readers for their support during this transition and the “lack of recent technical updates.” I have received “many” requests for content in the last few months, but have not had the time to “do it right.” As such, the content will not be posted until it meets my strict criteria.

Believe me, I am not going anywhere.


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