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226 is the amount of SoBig viruses, bounced "auto replies," "virus warnings" and "unknown user" messages I received today.

Tell your neighbor. Tell your Co-Workers. Tell your Family. Tell your Information Technology Manager. Tell your Network Administrator. Most importantly, tell yourself these items:

  • "Do not send E-Mail attachments unless you send an additional E-mail that states that you did so and explain the contents!"
  • "Do not open E-Mail attachments regardless of who sent them to you unless you can verify the contents!"
  • "If you are compelled to open every single attachment you receive, install a virus scanner and keep it up to date!"
  • "If you run an E-Mail server and graciously installed a scanner to protect your users, do not send out auto-reply messages pertaining to virus infected E-Mail! They are absolutely useless and create a massive denial of service attack worse than what you are trying to stop!"

Out of 13423 E-Mail messages I have sent out in recent history, not one of them had an attachment. If you ever get an attachment that appears to be from me, I did not send it to you and never open them. Period.

I do not run a personal virus scanner on my server, nor my E-Mail client. How I identify these malicious messages is located in my E-Mail Filtering Guide. A little education goes a long way toward stopping these type of attacks before they even get started.

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