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Warning: Highly opinionated Quick Rant to follow.

I am one of the 50+ million users of the newly implemented "do not call registry" that the FCC has placed online. Even though "political organizations and charities" are excluded from such a list, I wish they were not. I can take abuse from those people attempting to make a buck, mainly because I can yell right back and not fear retaliation, but not from those "allowed" to harass me unregulated and are "providing a service to the community" like law enforcement.

I just put the phone down from one of those "allowed" solicitation phone calls. This person was mumbling something about the local Sheriffs department and wishing to thank me in advance for supporting the police officers. I kindly asked him to please place me on his "do not call" list as I have done with many other solicitation calls. His response was "F*#K you too" and hung up.

I hope that the organization did actually place me on the list because they would require many donations to cover the $11,000 fine if they call me again. However, it would be difficult, if impossible, to prove "yes they did call before" since I was not paying much attention to whom it was or the "exact" reason they were calling. Mainly because I was not quite prepared for such a response, but more importantly is that I never give any information out over the phone to any solicitor regardless of why they are calling.

In a related manner, my telemarketer telephone calls have been greatly reduced, so I cannot knock the registry "too much" because of the obvious effectiveness that has resulted so far. However, if you are one of those that do telemarketing for a charity, it is advisable to be nice to the people on the other end of the phone. After all, they can call you, too.

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