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Link Exchanging

Many people have asked me to link directly back to their domain or personal pages. I have never honored such requests as I have always felt that "portal" pages are, at times, rather chaotic and useless. However, I am rethinking that position and have created a page dedicated to those people that have linked to my domains content. It would take a large amount of my time to identify all those links that have already been created. However, if you have linked to my domain, please contact me again and I will post the information.

I wish to thank everyone that has utilized my information and taken the time to post links on their web sites. It is greatly appreciated and I feel that it is my obligation to take the time to publicly thank those people and return the favor.

This action will not include "forum" or "guestbook" postings, nor any "banner" or image links, only text. It is also not a means to "advertise" a product that you may offer because I still will not honor requests to endorse any program or service.

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