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Stepped Away for a Few

I stepped away from the web site for a few days. I needed a break. I also did not check any E-Mail. Ironically enough, after I posted the previous news update, my E-Mail volume doubled. Mostly kind words, but still a large amount of "can you help me before you stop" questions.

I modified the "Contact Black Viper" page to make it a bit more clear as to the overwhelming crush I am experiencing. For the most part, my "frequent readers" check the news often and understand my current situation. The "surf on by" people do not, by including "I know you get lots of E-Mail, but… can you answer my questions?!?"

470 E-Mails currently sit unopened. From the pattern of things, a large portion of those are my "frequent readers" that have previously not dropped me a few lines and I publicly thank you if I fail to answer your comments directly and in a timely manner.

Of the rest, I must ignore all of the "can you help" questions as I plain do not have the time, desire, or motivation required to entertain all of them. Oddly enough, in most of my internet travels, few people have honestly came forward and told it how it "really is." I feel it is better to tell everyone up front than have anyone feel their E-Mail is just going into the void.

Eventually, all E-Mail will be viewed. An extremely small percent will get a reply from me. However, regardless of content, all of them are important to me.

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