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Common Questions Answered

After sifting through around a hundred or so E-Mails today in an attempt to catch up, I answer some more common questions that will be included in my Frequently Asked Questions shortly:

  1. Why don’t you add a "forum" for technical support?
    • At one time, I did offer News Group access on my network. I even posted a guide to help people configure their computer to access it.
    • It took about three times as much effort to offer that resource than anything else because it actually "increased" the amount of "stuff" I had to deal with daily.
    • I "had" to check it often because of the amount of "bad" people out there. Flame wars and advertising started happening. I pulled the plug because it was much easier than spending the time deleting/reporting abuse and being ignored by the offenders ISP.
    • I realized that people tend to check the news groups/forum every 5 minutes, even though only a few messages would be posted per day. My bandwidth/connections on my network skyrocketed.
    • People would post questions to the board and send me a copy of the question via E-Mail. Since they never included the "default subject line," it doubled the amount of time it took to read and sift through E-Mail… not reduce it.
  2. Why is your replies via E-Mail "so short" with sometimes, just a URL back to your site or a "yes or no" answer?
    • Because I do not have the desire to write a novel length E-Mail back to everyone when "one word" or link says it all.
    • I know exactly where everything is on my site, but I do not expect everyone to have the ability or the time to get there. However, I also do not have the time to be a personal internet guide.
    • Usually, the answer to the question is either on the Frequently Asked Questions page, of which I send the URL to the answer, or it is just a "yes or no" question.
    • My web site tends to lean toward the "short, sweet and to the point" style with a side order of "bluntness." My E-Mail’s are no different.
  3. Can you update your (Kitty photo’s, personal pictures, etc…)?
    • Yes, I can and I will someday.
    • Even though my Kitties tend to get more "cute" comments via E-Mail than "I" do (which is completely understood, since they are rather cute…) I posted them to offer a personal look into my "real life." They were not intended to offer people the ability to "watch them grow up" or anything like that.
    • They have gotten rather big since I captured the picture of the young female sitting on the toilet paper and I really do need to update the photo’s.
  4. Can you post a guide or a review about (insert program, application, hardware) for me?
    • In general, not really. Unless it is an extremely popular request, I only post the geekie information that I have found out on my own.
    • I cannot possibly offer a resource "reviewing" every software package that comes along, nor can I do a "15 graphics card comparison" as all of my computer funds comes out of my pocket.
    • I do not post information that is "requested" about reviews as I feel it is a conflict of interest. I post information that I want to, not because someone or something attempted to bribe me by giving a "free copy" to me.
  5. Is this web site "your job?" What are you trying to sell me? What is your hidden motive?
    • I have a full-time job that pays to support my hardware/software habit. This web site is not my "job." If I actually had 8 to 12 hours per day to dedicate to the site, it would be much more than what it is right now… Everything that I have posted is on my "free time."
    • I am not attempting to sell you anything. All information that I have is posted by me is for everyone with the understanding that the knowledge was completely untainted by "advertisers" or "offers" from others for a good review. I get no "kick back" from anyone by posting "good information," nor do I get "any less money" by slamming a product.
    • I have no motive for posting my geekie information other than to help the internet community as a whole.

More "common questions" will be posted soon.

I also have a large amount of people requesting a "News Letter" of sorts. I have kicked around this idea for a few years. I even "had" one for a month… a long time ago when no one ever visited, and I received one subscription request. I would like to get something like that going and it could be arriving in the near future as a way to "answer questions via E-Mail and put them on the news letter vice sending the reply to only one person…" So, if you want your answer, you will have to subscribe… for free, of course.


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