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Another Couple Questions Answered

Another couple to add to the list after reading another hundred or so in an attempt to catch up my backlog of E-Mail:

  1. Why don’t you just charge people for information/answering questions?
    • I do not post information and help people to make money. I am a geek and enjoy my hobby. The moment I would start "charging" would be the exact moment the "hobby" would turn into work and I fear the result would be less than fun. Regardless of amount of cash someone may have access to and be willing to part with, some common technical questions cannot be answered by E-Mail. I can only shudder at the administrative nightmare that could come of such a task.
    • The other side of it would be to host banners and other obnoxious advertising to "justify" or pay for the time and effort I place into the web site, as well as its bandwidth usage and its content. I am dead set against such an action.
  2. Can I help you with content/answering questions, etc…?
    • Well, no. Everything on this domain is crafted from my own handiwork. Whether it be the layout, server configurations and posted information, it is all drafted by me. Even though the offer of help is greatly appreciated, I wish to remain in "complete control" over all aspects of the content on the domain. In that respect, I only have one person to blame for blunders: me. On the other hand, the content that helps people also is because of my actions.
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