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Several months ago, I posted the UCE@FTC.GOV Rant [link removed].

Initially, I posted this page on September 17, 2003. In its previous state, I had screen shots with "proof" and much more details and background than I currently have. However, due to the phase of the moon and other unforeseen circumstances, the "original" page was overwritten by a "blank" page. As such, I spent many hours of research writing it all up and making it perfect… just to have it all go away into the void. This frustrated me to no end and for months, I only had "need more research" in place of the "real" content that became deleted. I wish to complete this page fully in the near future.

I need to have additional information posted on the page because I do link to it from several other Guides. I wish to have the full Rant, to include screen shots to support my case, as soon as I can. It also needs to be done to tell others how "forwarding your spam to report it to the FTC is a pointless endeavor."

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