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Your Choice, Not Mine

I feel it is best to offer the viewer to choose how a domain looks, not the webmaster. I had the "change color" feature enabled for many months, but I removed it to reduce my bandwidth consumption. Since that time, I have taken many steps to optimize the domain, yet attempt to make it accessible for everyone. As such, the "Change Color" feature has returned in the upper-left corner. I will see how it goes.

You can take the following steps to adjust your viewing pleasure:

Using Cookies and JavaScript:

An option for all browser users, if you accept cookies and use JavaScript, is to choose the look: Black or White now.

Without cookies and JavaScript:

If you are lucky enough to use Netscape or the open source Mozilla, you can change the Black color scheme to what ever you chose by selecting Edit –> Preferences –> Appearance –> Colors.

If you are using IE of any flavor you can choose Tools –> General Tab –> Accessibility button and check:

  • Ignore colors specified on Web pages

You can even go so far as to do the following, however, some content may be obscured due to positioning of the elements.

  • Ignore font styles specified on Web pages
  • Ignore font sizes specified on Web pages

Change the size of the text:

You can also adjust the size of the text for you resolution and monitor size by selecting View –> Text Size, View –> Text Zoom, or View –> Zoom depending on your browser and increase / decrease as necessary.

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