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Big Viri Threat

I knew the virus outlined below was going to be big. This morning at 10:15 AM, I found in my E-Mail a CERT security warning about this latest virus issue. You can view the complete warning at this link:

I knew this virus was going to be big. Why? Due to the volume I have been getting. This morning I found in my E-Mail 57 W32.Novarg.A@mm viruses.

You may have misunderstood my previous posting, though. I am NOT sending out these viruses.

A reader asked "If I am so good, why did you catch the virus?"

I did NOT catch anything! I am being sent this latest attack from OTHER INFECTED COMPUTERS! As many viruses do, it spoofs the "from" address to mask where it "really" comes from. I only identified one such instance in the news post where the from address was fraudulent and it was also sent to me.

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