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Firefox and Thunderbird

With the recommendation for the Mozilla v1.6 client on these news pages on February 7, 2004, I have learned much since then. For one, just two days later, the Mozilla project released Firefox v0.8. I was not very fond of the Phoenix line of browsers, nor the most resent release of Firebird v0.7. However, the project has matured greatly since that point and I have been using Firefox v0.8 since February 9, 2004 with great success.

As another point, people have also mentioned Thunderbird v0.5 as an alternative to the Mozilla E-Mail client. Since I made the great leap from Outlook Express recently, I felt it would not be that painful to jump into trying Thunderbird as an alternative to Mozilla’s current E-Mail client. I am completely satisfied with the result.

So, if you are one of those that enjoy trying out the "latest and greatest," please give Firefox v0.8 and Thunderbird v0.5 a try. You will not be disappointed. They are both very light weight and efficient at what they do.

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