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Why can’t my Windows XP Home computer see my Windows XP Pro system over the network?

The reason is because during the installation of Windows XP Home, the workgroup setting is not saved. However, the workgroup setting is saved after the installation is complete with Windows XP Pro.

The defaults are as follows:

  • Windows XP Home workgroup default: “MSHOME”
  • Windows XP Pro workgroup default: “WORKGROUP”

To correct this error, have both Windows XP Home and XP Pro a member of the same workgroup.

You can do that by running the network wizard on each system and entering the proper information. I do not recommend using either of the default workgroups, however.

  1. Select Start
  2. Right click “My Network Places
  3. Select Properties
  4. Select “Network Setup Wizard
  5. Enter the proper information for your network at each dialog

You should then be able to see each system from the other.

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