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The Number 1 Emailed Question

What is the number 1 question in my inbox lately? "What do you do about Spyware?"

Answer: Nothing. I use Firefox.

Some people have been reporting issues while using the Firefox browser and flaming me for "coding in only Internet Explorer." I have used Firefox since v 0.1 (yes, a couple of years) and actually code for Firefox and adjust it to work in IE. My web site (at this second) is valid CSS and valid XHTML Strict. Validate Page’s XHTML ~ Validate Web Site CSS.

Other people have noticed that I no longer have my picture displayed on every page. The reason is that my bandwidth (outbound) is maxed 24/7. As such, something had to go. Hopefully, the picture will return someday.

Even more people have stated that I have not updated content in a very long time. The reason? I am having a lot of fun playing World of Warcraft. It is nice to forget about the real world and just have a great time playing games.

New and updated content will be posted in the next several weeks. I am not going anywhere.

A few of the updates will include: Windows XP Service Pack 2 registry files, custom tool and printer friendly versions of the XP SP2 pages.

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