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New Poll: Pick the New BBS Color Scheme

Yesterday, I switched over this sub-domain to a dark theme in an effort to have the web site look similar across different sections (forum, wiki, etc.) I picked 4 dark forum color schemes for members to vote on as to which they would like to be chosen as the default (what guests and new members see). The winner will be announced and switched over to on December 1st, 2010.

Additional details and your voting opportunity.

How do I test?
Members can change their theme in the forum profile section: Profile > Modify Profile > Look and Layout. The first option is “Current Theme”. Select “change”. You will be greeted with 4 different dark themes as well as the default Curve for you to select from. You can preview them or “use this theme” to change it site wide and experience it now.

I appreciate your feedback and have fun!

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