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Full Screen Flash 10.1 Video Player on Chrome with Multiple Monitors

I have used multiple monitors for as long as the option was available on add in graphics cards. As such, I have grown to not only enjoy, but really depend on information displayed in such a manor. However, for many years, Flash Video player has alluded my ultimate support because of one (big) issue for me: Full screen video. Sure, you can drag a browser window to the second monitor and hit “full screen” and it will display as such, but after clicking back to another window on the main display, the player shrinks back down. That is a big bummer.

Back in the mid 80’s when MTV actually played music videos, it was my main source of entertainment and I really want that back, but with the ability to “watch what I want, when I want”. I watched videos for a few years with VH1’s “VSPOT”, even though a lot of favorites deletion issues after new versions are released and random playback failure, but what made me bail from them was their seemingly bizarre method of censorship. I did not turn 38 to listen to missing lyrics. Seriously. So after several months of ignoring online video playing music, I decided to give YouTube a shot.

YouTube, especially videos posted by “VEVO”, are of high quality and often times HD… but, what is the point of HD when, yet again, the video does not stay full screen while doing “anything” else.
Solution? Modify a Flash DLL. What? Yeah, I did a Google search and of course, many people are requesting this same feature. Even though the option is not available in GUI, the DLL can be modified using a hex editor and changing only two values.
Now, this method is not for the feint of heart, however, if you do a couple of things before hand, you will have as much success as I did:

  1. Back up the file before modifying it, so in case it does not work, you can delete the broken one and rename your file back and you are good to go. Best way is just to right click the file and select “copy”, then “paste” it back into the same directory. This will create the file name with “Copy of” tagged in front of it.
  2. Hex editors are powerful tools and should be used with care.
  3. After Chrome updates itself with a new version or re-installation of any kind, it is possible that you will have to redo the process to get full screen capabilities back.

With that said, I am happy to report that the directions linked above worked perfectly well using Chrome 7.0.517.41. Now, I can watch my VEVO music videos while at the same time, do… well… anything else.

Hey Google… since you bundle your own Flash player anyway, can you give us this option as well in GUI? Thanks… Love BV…


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