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What Happened To My Chrome Bookmark Bar?

With the recent Chrome Beta version 10.0.648.127, I was having this nagging issue about the “bookmarks bar” appearing seemingly random and then going away. After a bit of observation, it looks like if you open a new tab, the bar would be there, then when clicking on a site link (say, on your “recent” home page thumbnail view), the bookmarks bar would disappear. This rapidly annoyed me, so I knew an option had to exist to stop that behaviour and it is in a strange (in my opinion) location (not in Options -> Basics or even Under the Hood):

  • Hit the wrench button
  • Select Tools
  • Select Always show bookmarks bar

There you have it, folks. A once again sticky bookmarks bar that, at least in my theme, takes up less space then the dynamic/random version does by default.

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