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Top 18 Hardest Hitting Bass Tracks of All Time

In a departure from my usual, here I list my “Top 18 Hardest Hitting Bass Tracks of All Time“. From the 80’s till today, many have no equal. The links included go to YouTube where, if and while available, you can listen for yourself. Granted, YouTube is not the best when it comes to sound, but you will get the idea. It is worth noting that I am sure other good bass lines exist, but this list is tuned more to my liking and opinion not “all” available tracks. I started with eleven, had fourteen and ended at eighteen because I could not make it to twenty, nor cut enough to make it back down to eleven.

Black Viper’s YouTube Playlist – Top 18 Hardest Hitting Bass Tracks of All Time – Updated September 18, 2021 – All links valid.

Some include explicit lyrics, be forewarned, because that is how I roll. 🙂

  1. Beastie Boys – Paul Revere: A backwards bass accident that turned into an awesome bass line makes my list at Number One. The link is actually to a well done World of Warcraft video and not anything official from Beastie Boys. Nobody has been able to replicate this type of bass as good as the original. Enjoy!
  2. DJ Magic Mike – Feel The Bass: This tune, short on lyrics, will make your sub-woofers cry. The video is just text, but you are not seeking the visuals, are you?
  3. Far East Movement – Like a G6: For some kickin’ bass that is a bit newer, here is “Like a G6”.
  4. Sir Mix-A-Lot – Posse On Broadway: Nothing like the CD version, but Sir Mix-A-Lot will keep those speakers working hard.
  5. Too Short – CussWords: Warning Explicit Lyrics – No bass list would be complete without throwing Too Short into the mix. My favorite from the artist, but as the title suggests, it is not a tune for everyone. You are warned… thrice.
  6. Yello – Oh Yeah: One that you have probably heard before and never knew that Yello crafted this fine bass. However, Ferris Bueller knows. 😛
  7. Kyper – Tic Tac Toe: One hit wonder? Maybe… but this song kicks a bass line that you (should) never forget and my old speakers will never forgive me for.
  8. 2 Live Crew – Me So Hor-ny: Warning Explicit Lyrics – Broke the mold and pissed off parents everywhere, 2 Live Crew absolutely must make any bass top list.
  9. The Black Eyed Peas – Boom Boom Pow: Nothing exceptional here from a mainstream radio group. I first heard this tune on the radio and liked it, before I knew it was BEP that did it Expect quality bass with a strange video attached.
  10. Eazy-E – Boyz in Da Hood: Warning Explicit Lyrics – A good quality upload of Eazy-E without any video other than an album cover. I destroyed several pairs of woofers and melted an amp with this tune many years ago. Rest in peace, Eric. (See also #17)
  11. Ester Dean – Drop It Low: Kickin’ song recently released with awesome bass. I originally discovered this gem while testing Beats headphones at Best Buy. This song was one on demo.
  12. Wale – Chillin’: The one and only track that I like from Wale, probably because Lady Gaga was thrown in there for fun, Chillin’ has a rockin’ bass line.
  13. Snoop Dogg – Drop It Like It’s Hot: Classic  and catchy bass line by Snoop Dogg.
  14. Ice Cube – Friday: Awesome bass line crafted by Ice Cube. A bit toned down from his earlier works with N.W.A. (see #17 if you dare), with which I have liked him. It is a tune I play, generally, at least once a month on… Friday!
  15. LL Cool J – Going Back To Cali: A timeless classic by LL Cool J.
  16. Oaktown’s 357 – Juicy Gotcha Krazy: Still high on my list of great bass lines, Oaktown’s 357 thumps.
  17. N.W.A – Straight Outta Compton: Warning Explicit Lyrics – Not extremely hard-hitting, but a bump to remember from one of the groups that, like it or not, sprung “gangsta rap” into the mainstream media’s face. I have liked N.W.A. since I was 16 (1988) and not a “fan boi” sprung out from the movie released in 2015. However, I did think it was funny that I was 43 at the time my wife and I went and watched it in the theater and was proud that I mouthed every tune perfectly when played. As a side note, it is a pretty good movie.
  18. Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock – It Takes Two: Those two proved it took two to make it outta sight with this dance hit in the late 80’s. Take note, however, that their dance skills are pretty lacking.
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