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Run-What-U-Brung BV Dash Cam 07MAY2011

This is the unofficial, uncut version “non-public” dash cam video recorded on 2011-05-07 posted to my private YouTube Channel. Quality is not the best and the cam “auto focuses” a bunch, but you can make out many details, including the large ruts low on the track. Enjoy!

The first couple minutes is in the pits. I started the cam when I got into the car and was putting on my helmet before I hit staging. The white car, number 45 was in front of me and also participating in the action. I kinda stayed back from him to ensure I did not wreck him or do crazy stuff while the green flag flew so I could get a feel for the track and the car. The LTD is a big beast and probably not optimal for being on a dirt track, but I gave it all I had!

I wanted to narrate what was going on and what I was thinking, but I was too busy in awe of what was actually happening. When I spun out and went off the track several times, I giggled like a school girl and right after I parked back in the pits, I let out a summery of what I felt. 🙂

It seriously felt like I was going 100 miles an hour around that track, until I looked down and I was going only 40. 😛 Extreme tunnel vision focusing on the track and not hitting anything, though. Awesome and wild ride, I tell ya what! Peace… from BV…


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