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After 21 Years, The End Finally Arrived


Starting during my Junior year of High School, a television series that struck a cord with me aired on TV. A series like no other. One that understands the timeless struggles of youth and one that embedded itself in my consciousness for so long. With hormones racing, emotions random and ever changing, adolescence is anything but easy.

My Drama

After a full 21 years, I finally finish my comedy/drama series I started watching my Junior year in High School: The Wonder Years. Even though it is set in the late 60’s and early 70’s, it features events and moments in life that are experienced by all. A diary of love, hate, confusion and misinformation that lives in all of us. Episodes that chronicle the love of the girl next door, ones that involve the craziness of a sister, reaching out to validate her opinion of life, and time slots that outline the joy of the first car, the fear of change and the thrill of adventure of breaking out of the foothold life bestows on us. 6 seasons of fun and at the time… taking 6 years to absorb.

The Delay

In 1990, a lot of things happened in my life. After only 2 seasons of my beloved picture box theater presentation, I graduated from High School. I moved out of my parents dwelling on my own and due to the income I was receiving at the time… I could not afford cable. After joining the military and spending a wonderful spell in Southern CA as a contractor, one thing was always in the back of my mind: What eventually happened with Kevin Arnold and Winnie Cooper in The Wonder Years?


One fine day, my wife casually mentioned that Netflix had The Wonder Years available for streaming. After 114 episodes displayed on various devices (one that actually broke at the end of one episode and is no longer even working) in the last several months, I finally witnessed how it all turned out. I watched from the couch at home, streaming via the PS3 console. I watched in various airports, viewing the episodes on my phone. I watched with my laptop with video out directed to the hotels TV. Tonight, the end arrived. Several tears were shed. A closing moment passed. An epic adventure fulfilled. The end arrived. A time that makes me saddened. A time that makes me happy it is over. A time… I will never forget.

In Closing

Goodbye Kevin Arnold and Winnie Cooper… You have inspired my youth as well as my middle age. Just a few days shy of the ripe age of 40, you have made one man happy for your efforts in conveying a story all of us can relate.

Thanks for a good time.

-Black Viper

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